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Museum of Science and Industry

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Pi: Platform for Investigation is a monthly event where families discover cutting edge research that's happening right now in and around Manchester and the North West.

Each month our partners from universities, research centres and other organisations take over our purpose-built high-tech platform, complete with computer ports and experiment tables, to introduce visitors of all ages to important innovations via conversation and fun.

Next Generation Nuclear

Saturday 16 September

Explore the role that nuclear energy plays as a low carbon energy source, see how modern nuclear reactors are operated, and discover why radioactivity is a part of our everyday world. This Pi is brought to you by Next Generation Nuclear students at the University of Manchester.

The Code of Life

Sunday 17 September

Build a Lego robot from a DNA sequence, model your chromosomes using balloons and make your own DNA visible with scientists from Manchester Genomics Centre. Plus watch our genes unravelled through dance and learn how medicine is using genomics to cure diseases.

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