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Museum of Science and Industry

Pi: Platform for Investigation – Powered by Siemens is a monthly event where families discover cutting-edge research that’s happening right now in and around Manchester and the North West.

Each month our partners from universities, research centres and other organisations take over our purpose-built high-tech platform, complete with computer ports and experiment tables, to introduce visitors of all ages to important innovations via conversation and fun.

August’s Pi – Diamonds are for everything

Date: Saturday 25 August 2018

Diamonds aren’t just for expensive jewellery—they also have loads of amazing properties and we’re inviting you to put them to the test. Can diamonds cut into a block of ice? Which is harder: diamond or granite? And what happens when you try to make your own?

Meet the scientists using diamonds in cutting-edge technology and research, discover how diamonds are grown in a lab, and find out where they can be found in space.

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