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Our STEM Ambassadors are available to come to your school and talk about all things Soyuz and space-related.

STEM Ambassadors work or study in STEM fields and volunteer with schools and groups to help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and digital masterminds.

To request a STEM Ambassador to deliver the following activities at your school or to find out more, please contact


Help your pupils discover more about spacecraft design by requesting a STEM Ambassador to deliver activities from the ESA Space Materials Case in your classroom.

Pupils will decide which materials are best suited for spacecraft by exploring their properties (such as resistance to impact, electrical and thermal conductivity), planning and conducting experiments to answer questions, taking measurements, recording data and presenting findings.

This activity is suitable for Years 4, 5 and 6.

These resources have been used in hundreds of primary schools across the UK as part of the ESERO-UK Tim Peake Primary Project.


Invite a STEM Ambassador to your classroom to help your pupils explore the properties and potential of different materials. Using a resource box created in partnership with Greater Manchester Higher, experiments include:

  • Testing the Limit (using processing to change properties)
  • Chocolate Break (testing resistance to impact)
  • The Friday Night Experiment (recreating the experiment that led to the isolation of graphene)