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Museum of Science and Industry

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Fun, vibrant and surprising, this morning of structured activities will challenge students to explore the concepts of sound waves in a cross-curricular, creative context, working as part of a team and reflecting real working practices.

A sharp, surprising and participatory science show will introduce students to the key principles of sound waves—wavelength, frequency and amplitude.

Armed with this knowledge, some modern audio recording equipment and the freedom to create, the students will head to the Power Hall—a sensory wonder of clanging wheels and hissing steam.

There they’ll begin the task: record, analyse, mix and finally present their own musical piece, blasted through a Rubens’ Tube, which uses real fire to visualise sound waves.

Doing and leading, students will develop independent learning skills and joined-up thinking across STEM subject areas in an exciting and inspiring way.

What will they learn?

  • Experimenting with a Rubens' Tube, students will see how different types of sound travel.
  • Students will develop science skills to collect, predict and analyse data.
  • Students will learn how to design and mix a piece of music.
  • Students will understand how to use scientific vocabulary and peer review.