Free entry – Donate online or at the museum Open 10am – 5pm daily

Power Up! 11 – 28 August 2017

  • Daily 90 minute sessions at 10.15, 12.00, 13.45 and 15.30
  • Recommended for all ages
  • £5 individual, 90 minute session
    £9 individual, half day pass (available for either morning or afternoon sessions)
    £15 individual, full day pass
    Family discounts available
    £10 Adult-only evening events
  • Temporary Exhibition Gallery, First Floor, Great Western Warehouse

  • Step-free access throughout. Wheelchair-accessible toilets in Warehouse Restaurant nearby. Read our facilities guide.

Power Up! is back for 2017 with over 160 consoles on offer. Get your game face on and play some of the most popular video games from the past 40 years, from Pong and Pacman to Minecraft and Mario.

Whether you're a family dropping in for a 90 minute session, a seasoned gamer making the most of our full day pass or a night owl visiting our adult-only evening sessions, test your skills to the limit.

Evening, adult only sessions

Friday 18 August: 7pm–10pm

Friday 25 August: 7pm–10pm 

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Recommended for ages 7–14
£6 per child
Each child must be accompanied by an adult. Please make sure you select a free adult ticket when you make your booking.

Could you and your kids create the next Mario theme tune or code a new superhero? Book onto one of our Power Up! workshops to build an 8-bit game tune or create your own BBC Basic character.

Mother and son sat at a computer

Chipmusic for beginners—making music on a Nintendo Game Boy

Monday 14 – Sunday 20 August
10.30am, 12.00pm, 1.30pm and 3.00pm
1-hour sessions for max 32 people (2 per machine)

From Super Mario to Tetris, everyone has their favourite 8-bit theme. Now it's your turn to create a classic.

A mash-up of coding, sound design and sequencing, this creative workshop gives you the opportunity to create original music using the Nintendo Game Boy.

With time to experiment and play, users will develop skills they can build on with friends using our free take-home starter pack.

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BASIC programming on vintage BBC Micro computers

Monday 21 – Sunday 27 August
10.30am, 12.00pm, 1.30pm and 3.00pm
1-hour sessions for max 32 people (2 per machine)

Part history lesson, part creative workshop, this retro coding activity gives you the chance to design, build and animate the original computer game characters—sprites.

Keeping it vintage, we'll look at the fundamentals of programming, graphics and sound design using an 80s classic—BBC Micro computers. 

The workshop does not require any previous programming knowledge, and builds the core programming skills that we still use today.

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